TELEPHONE ACTIVATED                                                                               Past    Projects                                      

                                 GATE  (with Lightning protection                                                                South Africa's first  constant  current  Spot Welder  (80 000 Amps)


                       TEMPRETURE SENSOR    (HOME AUTOMATION)                                                                        Range of spot Welder controllers



                          RELAY CONTROL BOARD   (HOME AUTOMATION)                                          Pain  Relief  Medical  Device                     



                                                  5  Channnel   Dimmer   Board                                                                                           Using  Colour Graphics  Touch screen

                                                                                                                                                                                         CE  approved    


       RFID  SCANNERS       tempreture  Sensors     POOL  CHLORINATOR (20amps)            LED  DISPLAYS  (ROAD MANAGEMENT) 




                                                        Flow Sensors           Flow  meters              GSM Cellular Network                 ATSAM Cortex 3M            Atmega328               WIFI  MODULES                 Antenna                     





               ENERGY  MONITORING                                            DATA LOGGING  -  GSM/LORA                                                CONTROL  WITH  RFID AND  PRESSURE SENSING                                                    RASBERRY   PI 



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