ELECTRONICS    DESIGN   and  DEVELOPMENT

                                                                                               All  Types of electronics design  and development is undertaken

                                                                            using cutting edge technologies .  Primary goal is to provide the

                                                                            customer with a quality cost effective  solution




                                                                                                   FIRMWARE       DEVELOPMENT

                                                                                                   Here the embedded software is developed to

                                                                                                        make full use of the power that is avalible

                                                                                                         using microcontrollers .  


                                                      PCB      LAYOUT 

                                          Pcb layout of upto 4  layers  is done to exacting specifications

                                                                                        to provide a professional board to give a cost

                                                                                        effective but professional way of getting the

                                                                                        product into manufacturing A fast turn around  of 6 days  once the gerber files

                                                                                        are submitted is provided .


                                                                                                                     ENCLOSURE AND   OVERLAY   DESIGN     

                                                                                            All type of enclosure  metal and plastic  are designed and

                                                                                            developed  as well as Polycarbonate overlays .


                                                                                                                                      MANUFACTURING   SERVICES


                              Consultancy  (pick & place or small volume)    -   Test Equipment  -   Wiring Harnesses 


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